A short post for now. I’m planning to do another “Top Games” update pretty soon, so you know how that goes.

It seems that I’m finally getting a little bit of a readership on this blog, which is cool, and is starting to reflect on my links. So “Hello” to all, and if you have been lurking in the shadows, and haven’t made yourself all social-like, feel free to introduce. I enjoy meeting and interacting with my readers.

So in the “Old news, but it’s news to me” category, a friend of mine turned me onto the web series The Guild, a comedy web series about the MMO scene (it’s also a free download series in the “Independent” section of Xbox Live). It stars the mega cute Felicia Day, who I also recently discovered on the funny Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.

It’s funny watching some of the stereotypes, which in some way, do ring true to reality. Okay, so they ring a lot true to reality in some respects, as I do run across devoted players that are quite similar. I’m not so much of an MMO player. I got hooked, really hooked with Phantasy Star Online on the Dreamcast, and started dabbling a little with the older version of Star Wars Galaxies, but I gave that one up kind of quickly. And in truth, MMOs tend to scare me a little, as I can easily see the “addictive” quality to be found in them, and the number of hours friends have invested in them. I also don’t think it would be as much fun for me, as the majority of my friends who play would be levels way past me, and I’d be that “crutch” that would kill deeper gaming exploration until weeks/months down the line. The idea of doing nothing but non-stop grinding to reach a comparable level of matching my friends just doesn’t sound that exciting to me. Maybe that next ship….

Anyway, I’ve gone a bit off tangent. The show is funny, and having a background in film as well, I find it inspiring for ideas of creating online episodic programming. Actually, I have a few ideas, but that won’t be revealed until later.

Anyway, if you haven’t tuned into my latest little discovery, and like MMO gaming, check it out.

More posts to come, and more on potential announcement if I get some things finalized.

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