I got the new expansion for Fable II. Let me start with that I am SO happy I can finally change my clothes to something else that doesn’t take quite as much of a bonus hit (The armor is actually quite cool).

I am glad to finally have a new area to explore. If I’ve understood everything, the new island quest doesn’t last as long as I’d like it to, and there’s not much variety in the puzzles (you do one set of puzzles in a dungeon, expect very similar ones in the others). As with all the other areas of Albion, the populace worships my character and follows him around begging for marriage proposals (the enamored AI that stalks you house to house and corners you is truly one of the most annoying aspects of the game), and there are a few new achievement points to be had, but I am kind of interested in getting back into the game for a while.

I didn’t talk a lot about Fable II last year, nor was it was one of my “Best of 2008” games, and that was largely due to a number of glitches (the furniture store in Bowerstone wouldn’t replenish stock), and the ending was a bit anti-climatic, not to mention superficial things such as getting the best clothing almost at the start of the game, and never finding anything better, and the townspeople “in love” AI. I made one accidental erroneous flirt to a male character, and even now I can’t return to my character’s hometown without being mobbed by every single man and woman in the vicinity begging me for a wedding ring. That’s also nothing to say for when I try to seduce my in-game wife and have sex with her, only to have the entire town populace in my bedroom demanding that I marry them.

So is Knothole Island’s expansion worth it? Despite the flaws, I did like some of the morality and life sim issues that the overall game attempts, not to mention the questing is largely fun, and the humor is good, so I was interested enough to run around a new area of the world, and it does have some nice graphic effects, as well as the novelty of something just “new”. I do hope, however, upon the completion of the new main quest, that I haven’t tapped the island of all of its adventure. Otherwise, it was a remarkably short run, and if they decide to expand Albion again, come up with a little more dungeon puzzle diversity than the same three types of puzzles in each of the dungeon.

But “yes”. New is good, I liked having a new area to explore, SO glad to have a new outfit and weapon choice, and am glad that some of the annoying glitches have finally been removed.

Now if they’d attend to that stalking horde of love-struck villagers issue….

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