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5 Favorite Games Part 13.

For those new to my site, I do this little feature from time to time (It was supposed to be weekly, but I’ve been busy). It’s basically a listing of 5 favorite games from the popular to the obscure that I think no gamer should go without playing. These are favorites of mine from over the years, and pretty much covers every system, the computer, and the arcade scene. I plan to do another feature entitled “Arcade Oddities” (with Disco No. 1 as my first choice), but that will come later. Anyway, to see other entries, just click on the back tag. If it hasn’t been mentioned, it likely will eventually.

1.) Myst (Broderbund) – Myst is what you make of it. At one point, it was the highest selling PC game of all time, and a graphical showcase for the computer world. Today, most modern gamers fail to see the appeal. But if it was played with the right frame of mind, it was an incredibly compelling adventure. I kept a journal while playing, made detailed notes, and really tried to get into the role of the protagonist found stranded on this Read the rest of this entry

Resident Evil 5 Demo.

I’m well familiar with the Resident Evil series, having played the original game on the Playstation long before they went to the traditional jewel cases. With the exception of Part 3 and some of the side stories, I’ve followed the series for quite some time and quite a few remakes. Then came the advent of Resident Evil 5. To understand where I’m coming from, my favorites in the series are the Dreamcast’s Code Veronica, the remade original game for the Gamecube, Part 2, and Part 4 (in no particular order). I also used to play with Jill Valentine quite a bit in Marvel Vs. Capcom 2.

So yes, it would be a fair assumption that I would be interested in Part 5, and I was… until I played the demo. The game didn’t exactly leave me with a warm, fuzzy feeling, and as expected, here’s why:

* This is Resident Evil 4 with new graphics. Part 4 turned the series on its ear, and came up with a new, fresh idea. I’ve always equated Resident Evil with zombies, but the freak show villagers in the fourth game won me over with the different direction, and solid Read the rest of this entry

House of the Dead: Overkill Trailer.

I don’t think I have any younger readers, but if I do, skip this M-Rated trailer (which in saying to avoid this will no doubt actually cause said young ‘uns to click, but I did warn you not to).

This is cheesy-awesome.

The Guild and "Hello"!

A short post for now. I’m planning to do another “Top Games” update pretty soon, so you know how that goes.

It seems that I’m finally getting a little bit of a readership on this blog, which is cool, and is starting to reflect on my links. So “Hello” to all, and if you have been lurking in the shadows, and haven’t made yourself all social-like, feel free to introduce. I enjoy meeting and interacting with my readers.

So in the “Old news, but it’s news to me” category, a friend of mine turned me onto the web series The Guild, a comedy web series about the MMO scene (it’s also a free download series in the “Independent” section of Xbox Live). It stars the mega cute Felicia Day, who I also recently discovered on the funny Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.

It’s funny watching some of the stereotypes, which in some way, do ring true to reality. Okay, so they ring a lot true to reality in some respects, as I do run across devoted players that are quite similar. I’m not so much of an MMO player. I got hooked, really hooked with Phantasy Read the rest of this entry

Knothole Island.

I got the new expansion for Fable II. Let me start with that I am SO happy I can finally change my clothes to something else that doesn’t take quite as much of a bonus hit (The armor is actually quite cool).

I am glad to finally have a new area to explore. If I’ve understood everything, the new island quest doesn’t last as long as I’d like it to, and there’s not much variety in the puzzles (you do one set of puzzles in a dungeon, expect very similar ones in the others). As with all the other areas of Albion, the populace worships my character and follows him around begging for marriage proposals (the enamored AI that stalks you house to house and corners you is truly one of the most annoying aspects of the game), and there are a few new achievement points to be had, but I am kind of interested in getting back into the game for a while.

I didn’t talk a lot about Fable II last year, nor was it was one of my “Best of 2008” games, and that was largely due to a number of glitches (the furniture store in Bowerstone Read the rest of this entry

Providing Your Own Solution.

Last year, I talked about Crayon Physics, an interesting little puzzler where the User draws objects in a crayon style to help get a red ball to a yellow star. It came to iPhone recently, and while I don’t play a lot of games on my phone (it’s my phone, for the main reason, and I don’t want to run down my battery, not to mention I own a DS and PSP), I was intrigued enough to check this one out.

The most appealing of the game is the ease of use. Draw a line or make a shape, it becomes part of the playfield. At first, I was a little daunted. “What is the right shape”, I kept wondering to myself, before getting into it. And then I realized that there is no “wrong” shape. The “right” shape is what you want it to be.

When dealing with puzzles in games, if one really thinks about it, the player not only has to solve the problem, but solve the solution that the developer has laid out (shoot the creature in the eye, bomb this spot, jump on the creature five times, find the piece of paper Read the rest of this entry

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