You know, in all of my gaming of late, I forgot to even remotely acknowledge the new interface update for the 360.

It’s been a few weeks now, and I would imagine all that could be said has been said. I’m still finding my way around some aspects. I downloaded some application called Photo Party to waste time with a friend, and outside of that one time, I’ve no idea where exactly it’s gone to ever find for use again. That’s sort of a problem, not that I thought the app was amazing in the first place.

The Avatars are fine. A slightly upgraded version of the Mii with more options in looks and clothing (which is nice, as I can make it more “me”, and not “Mii”). But I expect we are going to see a lot of useless upgrades for clothing and themes, and unless it’s life changingly amazing, my Avatar is sticking to his current look on the Tron background I downloaded months ago.

The Netflix integration is really cool. I like the new Marketplace, as it gives you screenshots and a better description of the games you may want to purchase. The party aspect is also fun. A friend of mine in Washington, another in Texas and myself played a few rousing rounds of Uno, which is actually a lot of fun catching up with my friends all over the country, and watching our Avatars swear revenge at each other over a “Draw Two” card (yeah, they retroactively added Avatars to the game).

It’s weird trying to track down leaderboards for Live Arcade games between all of my friends and I. Come to think of it, I don’t think I figured out that aspect yet.

But trying to track things down for lists of games, updates, and applications just doesn’t seem to be as easy as it used to. I’m sure it will become more intuitive over time, but at the moment, I feel like I have to dig a lot to find various things in the NXE.

But I do like it, overall.

Largely, I’ve been sticking to MK Vs. DC, Left 4 Dead, and Rock Band. I did finish Castle Crashers, though, so I can alleviate my guilt over never finishing the thing. I’ve finally gotten all the games I planned to for the year, so now it’s simply a matter of going through, playing them, and finishing as many as I can.

Gonna be a busy winter….

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