I fear that the Xbox 360 that I bought last April may be in danger of the “Red Ring of Death”.

I didn’t want a 360 for a long time. Not that I didn’t like the software, but I will admit that I lived in relative fear of the infamous “Ring” that so many websites, forums, and even a close friend of mine told “Boogeyman” level tales about. The stories were never good, especially when I watched said friend go through non-stop turmoil to get his system back, and even then, it had a small physical defect when he got a refurbished one back.

But last April, I caved in, and from a gaming standpoint, I’ve certainly enjoyed it.

Then came this last week….

I downloaded the new level for The Force Unleashed. Quick and easy level, but the level is interesting, and one can rack up some nice achievements on it. During play, it froze one time. No big deal. It has happened once or twice in the past. As a former game tester, there’s still a ton of bugs in any finished product (even the best ones) that one may never come across or think about twice. so I blew it off. A few days later during gameplay, the game shot up a message during a loading screen that the disc in the system is not a 360 disc, and I should put one in the system if I am trying to play a game.

But I was for the past forty-five minutes. I only loaded a new save file.

So I tossed the question out to my fellow Xboxers on my personal journal with a description of the symptoms. Each response told me that the “Red Ring” is coming, and to take care of the system now.

So I called Microsoft, where I spoke to someone (always overseas, no matter how they try to play it off like it’s not), and told them my console symptoms. Of course, in playing only one game this past week when the symptoms manifested led them to believe that I need to play more games to see if this really is an issue. Only then can I call back. Personally, I think it’s a stall tactic on their part. I can understand why, with all the tales of woe I’ve read online, and who would want to own up to that mess. I was hoping that I wouldn’t become a statistic, and while I’ve not gotten the “Red Ring”, I can’t help but wonder if it is only a matter of time. Good old “Boogeyman Stories”.

So now I have to wonder if my 360 is on some sort of time limit before it craps out on me. It’s still under warranty, so I’m not concerned there, and I don’t really look forward to the idea of going a month without my system if I have to send it in (I watch movies on the thing as well). I played some Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe, and that seems to play alright, but again, if I’m in the early stages of what sounds to be an inevitable problem, I don’t want to keep dragging this out until my warranty expires.

I guess give it another week, and see what happens. I really hope that I don’t have to “Red Ring” my system to validate my concerns. In the mean time, I do need to finish up the Strong Bad series on the Wii.

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