There’s a new adver-game out there on XBLA called Doritos: Dash of Destruction that just got released to XBLA.

It’s a bizarre little game. Play as a T-Rex who eats Doritos trucks, or play as a Doritos delivery truck who tries to make as many deliveries as they can before being dino food. For what it is, it provides a few moments of amusement, though there’s no online play.

Don’t expect an epic game from it by any means, as it is what it is: An interactive advertisement to get players to buy Doritos. That said, it is also free (like Yaris was), and you can earn 200 achievement points in less than 30 minutes time. For the amount of silliness the game generates, it’s pretty effortless spending a few minutes building up a few gamer points on a game that’s relatively painless to play.

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