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2008 Gaming Year In Review.

A busy year in the world of gaming, so I thought I’d touch on my “big” and most favorite titles of the year.

Best Wii Game: Super Smash Bros. – This was an easy win for the Wii, as it’s a wish list of what people liked about Nintendo. From characters to stages to nods to even the most obscure of titles, this made for a great gaming experience, and easily the best game on the Wii this year. Boom Blox should also be noted for the Honorable Mention.

Best WiiWare Game: World of Goo – A quirky title that made great use of the Wii Remote, couple with graphics and music that wouldn’t seem out of place in a Tim Burton movie. On top of that, it had a playful sense of humor, a great sense of physics, and clever puzzles. One of the best offerings on Nintendo’s new service.

Best Xbox 360 Game: Grand Theft Auto IV – While I didn’t play it quite as much as the other GTA titles, the multiplayer was a blast to join a few buddies in play, and tear up the city. There was certainly enough to do, and the main Read the rest of this entry

Happy Holidays From Myself, Atari, and E.T.

Funny how the commercial was better than the game, but it does remain one of those Christmas memories when I was excited for the concept of playing E.T. on my Atari 2600….

8-Bit Jesus: The Album.

Need Christmas music is the tune of 8 glorious bits?

Your answer (and album) lies here.

Why is it that I love 8-bits and sprite based art so?

Doritos: Dash of Destruction.

There’s a new adver-game out there on XBLA called Doritos: Dash of Destruction that just got released to XBLA.

It’s a bizarre little game. Play as a T-Rex who eats Doritos trucks, or play as a Doritos delivery truck who tries to make as many deliveries as they can before being dino food. For what it is, it provides a few moments of amusement, though there’s no online play.

Don’t expect an epic game from it by any means, as it is what it is: An interactive advertisement to get players to buy Doritos. That said, it is also free (like Yaris was), and you can earn 200 achievement points in less than 30 minutes time. For the amount of silliness the game generates, it’s pretty effortless spending a few minutes building up a few gamer points on a game that’s relatively painless to play.

5 Favorite Games Part 12.

1.) Galaga (Namco) – One of the classic ’80’s shooters that still remains as relevant today. Whether it’s the catchy music, the twisting patterns of alien ships, the bonus rounds, or the ability to bring in that dual ship for the extra firepower, Unlike many of the slower paced shooters of the time (Galaxian, Space Invaders), Galaga has a much faster tempo to it, with its multiple shots that didn’t have to travel the screen length or hit an enemy to fire another shot. While Namco recycles the game with nearly every Museum collection, the game has lost none of its charm, appeal, or playability.

2.) Mega Man 2 (Capcom) – The second game in the numerous Mega Man series, this still remains to many enthusiasts (and myself) as the pinnacle of the series. The game still holds a solid level of challenge, great bosses, fantastic music and fun level design. This title remains one of the “NES Greats”, and is a reminder of when “Number 2” sequels were to be looked forward to in 8-bit gaming. Besides, who could ever forget that giant robot dragon at the end, or that strange Dr. Wily battle?

3.) Super Read the rest of this entry

Strong Bad Post-Script.

And so, I have finished Episode 5 of Strong Bad’s Cool Game For Attractive People for the Wii, closing out the (hopefully first and not last) series of the game.

In a rather quiet year for the Wii, the Strong Bad series has come to be one of my more favorite 2008 experiences for Nintendo’s console.

One of the things that really struck me about episodic series like Strong Bad, and even XBLA’s Penny Arcade Adventures titles, is how much these games stand out as games created by genuine gamers. While both series are made up of licensed characters from popular internet sites, they don’t feel like “fun” that is generated by a marketing department’s demographic survey chart.

I’ve followed the Chapman Brothers (no relation) for several years now. I’m well aware of the world populated by Homestar Runner, Strong Bad, and The Cheat, the Monday e-mails, Decemberween and everything else. I’m also familiar with the spin-off company Videlectrix (“We use computers… To make video games!”), and actually grew to be quite fond of such titles like Peasant’s Quest, Trogdor, and Where’s An Egg? – The Brothers Chaps get old-school gaming, especially those that grew up on the Infocom Read the rest of this entry

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