After seeing pics of it, I want to know more. Check it out here.

Between this, Castle Crashers and Braid, I hope this means 2D is making a comeback. An article about “Games Aging Gracefully” makes some interesting points about which games hold up against the test of time.

There’s a certain beauty found in those old NES, SNES, and Genesis titles, the arcade games old the ’80’s and ’90’s, and even some of the old Atari games still retain that sense of visual charm. And no one can really dispute the beauty of a good Capcom or SNK fighter. Even today’s titles, such as Locoroco seem to get the visual aesthetic, and will probably last several generations without aging. Same reason people are getting so nutty over Mega Man 9.

But Owlboy looks like one of those classic Genesis games of old (with a hint of the visual style of those old Sierra games), where you can see the pixels, and frankly, I find the art more appealing and imaginative than a lot of the stuff that’s been released lately. Don’t get me wrong: I’ve nothing against 3D gaming, but I like the look of hand-drawn art.

I hope some of these indie games can pull the industry of of its “funk” that I think it’s currently slipping into. I’m of the mind that e need to go back to basics for a while and get all of these new gamers that have made gaming so mainstream get into titles like this instead of more horse grooming simulators.

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