Star Wars has become such a weird thing now, what with almost all its focus completely on the Prequel era. Jedi based games are merely “okay” at best. I expected The Force Unleashed to simply be okay when I first heard about it, but it became more interesting as I learned more about it. I read the novel.

And then I played the game.

Holy crap.

The outing becomes an exercise in giddiness, and the graphics are astounding, but even more important, the Force physics work. I spent the demo throwing Stormtroopers out windows into space, bringing TIE Fighters crashing down with extra debris, throwing Stromtroopers one by one into an oncoming AT-ST, using Force lightning to stun my enemies, then cut through them with my lightsaber. You are simply a badass with the Force.

The experience was enthralling. The possibilities are not limited. The power and freedom is simply out of control, which is what the point of this game is about. And it does it well. So well, that I’ve played through the demo multiple times. A rarity for me.

If you have a 360 or PS3, download the demo. Now. It’s the best “Free” you’ll spend all Summer.

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