Galaga Legions. Brought to you by the same people who made Pac-Man: Championship Edition. That fact alone secured my fourth purchase during the Summer of Arcade.

The game is fun. People are trying to make comparisons to Geometry Wars 2 with it, but you really can’t. It’s a different type of shooter. I don’t car much for the new style graphics, but the retro skin is nostalgically wonderful. The shooting is also fast-paced and crazy, with stuff literally filling the entire screen and coming from you in every direction.

The satellites are actually pretty cool. Two break-away pieces of your ship that can be positioned anywhere in any direction on the screen. It’s fun to try not using them, but there are moments that seem absolutely mandatory.

It’s not quite as faithful to the original, such as Pac-Man: CE was. The biggest difference being the ship can move all over the screen as opposed to left and right, and the ship capture mechanic has you stealing enemy ships instead of adding a second ship for dual firing. But it’s an interesting concept, and the screen gets crazy with al the stuff to shoot, to the point where the extra firepower is welcomed.

For four weeks in a row now, it’s been one solid game after another. I’ll be curious to see how Castle Crashers turns out in light of all the “awesome” that has been released lately. I do love me some beat-’em-up action.

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