I’ve spent a miniscule amount of time looking at some of the SOE FanFaire here in Vegas, mostly because a friend of mine is in town and he got me into the opening reception. Other than that tiny view of some of their games, I’ve not seen much, but it’s fine, as I was more glad to see my friend.

That said, true to word, I downloaded Bionic Commando: Rearmed this past week, which continues another solid entry in the “Summer of Arcade” series. The best way to sum up the experience is that if you liked Bionic Commando on the NES, you’re going to like it here.

The game has been updated with (obviously) better graphics, a soundtrack that will keep the experience exciting (it’s funny how most of these old-school game soundtracks have a more “Epic” feel in scope despite the hardware and sound limitations), and solid control. They’ve removed “pseudo-Hitler” (or Master D) from the game, changing him to look less, well, Hitler-y, and if his head still explodes at the end, I’ve not gotten there yet to verify either way. But it’s a moot point in the long run. Bionic Commando is still fun to play, and downloading the title includes a code to play as Rad Spencer in the forthcoming update. There’s still plenty of nods to the previous version, which is a nice homage.

So yes, definitely worth a look, or another look if you’re seen it all before.

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