I’m taking a few days to let these titles soak in before I comment on them. Braid is definitely one that meets that need.

People are going to either like or hate Braid. I’m in the “like” camp.

It’s simply a beautiful game that looks like a watercolor painting. The design is wonderful, the music is soothing, and I’ve chuckled as the game makes some not-too-subtle homages to Donkey Kong and Super Mario Bros. – Even the story itself, with it’s “Find the Princess” seems to be more a metaphor than an actual quest objective.

The puzzles can numb the mind at times, but the answers are there right in front of you, and once you figure it out, they make very logical sense. So you don’t have to run off to another level or world to solve a puzzle. But you can just bounce through the levels and clear the worlds with minimal effort to rack up a few easy achievement points. But you’ll miss the point of the game, and certainly won’t “finish” the game by any means.

At $15, it’s a little pricey, but it’s well worth it to delve in such a beautiful and original world. It’s a pleasant testament that 2D platform gaming is nowhere near extinct, and there’s still some original ideas out there.

UPDATE (8/9): I beat the game over the weekend. The ending was certainly unexpected. And a little freaky.

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