Since the 360 is getting all hyped for August’s gaming line-up (enough to have a theme and a contest), I figured I might as well share in the enthusiasm as the next few weeks look to be great in terms of downloadable games.

The first from the series is Geometry Wars 2. After spending a few days with it, it’s a very pleasant upgrade from the original that doesn’t deviate from the original formula.

Although the original “Evolved” version is included as one of the sequel’s six modes, it’s still a fun game to play. The six modes are:

* Deadline – Which is the standard game on a timer.
* King – A king of the hill sort of game that the ship can only shoot in the circles provided.
* Evolved – Which is what it is (the original game, with a few new enemies).
* Pacifism – The old achievement from the first game, which is now devilishly hard and addictive.
* Waves – Survive droves of the new enemy orange ships.
* Sequence – A set series of challenges to endure.

It’s all good fun, with new score increasers called “Geoms” that push the muli-scoring aspect to new heights, up to four player simultaneous (not online) play, new music, a handful of new enemies, and well, that’s it. But it works well enough to retain the fun aspect of the original.

All in all, it’s a good starter to the 360’s new themed series, and a worthy sequel to the original.

Good times, indeed.

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