I’ll be upfront in one thing about my gaming preferences: I don’t like mobile phone gaming.

It’s clunky, for one. The sound effects and graphics are usually limited. The games are too short. The screens are usually tiny. The keypad is painful and cramping to the hands, and there are much better ways (DS and PSP) to have on-the-go gaming.

I do, however, love my iPhone.

When the iPhone (I still own the old one) updated to 2.0 recently, I wasn’t expecting a lot with the older model, and gaming was the furthest thing from my mind. And then I tried Tap Tap Revenge, a hybrid of Guitar Hero and Dance Dance Revolution (the logo font very closely resembling the latter title).

I found the game to be really interesting, especially for a “free” title. But I think that was the plan: To get stubborn cell phone resistant gamers like me into the idea that the device can be a serious gaming contender. And while I play that, and MahJhong, I started noticing that Namco, THQ, and Sega had stepped up with some decent titles. And there’s some definite interest from developers such as id, so that could be interesting.

Do I think the iPhone could be a contender against the PSP and DS? I’m uncertain to say “yes”, as much as I don’t want to say “no”. The iPhone has a nice, big screen, a responsive touch pad that can be tweaked and rotated, and great video and audio capabilities. And Apple does have a way of reinventing/revitalizing entertainment technology. I’m keeping my “Wait and see” stance for the time being, but with the right kind of games, it could be a real possibility.

At least better than the ever-struggling N-Gage, anyway.

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