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iPhone Gaming…. Who Knew?

I’ll be upfront in one thing about my gaming preferences: I don’t like mobile phone gaming.

It’s clunky, for one. The sound effects and graphics are usually limited. The games are too short. The screens are usually tiny. The keypad is painful and cramping to the hands, and there are much better ways (DS and PSP) to have on-the-go gaming.

I do, however, love my iPhone.

When the iPhone (I still own the old one) updated to 2.0 recently, I wasn’t expecting a lot with the older model, and gaming was the furthest thing from my mind. And then I tried Tap Tap Revenge, a hybrid of Guitar Hero and Dance Dance Revolution (the logo font very closely resembling the latter title).

I found the game to be really interesting, especially for a “free” title. But I think that was the plan: To get stubborn cell phone resistant gamers like me into the idea that the device can be a serious gaming contender. And while I play that, and MahJhong, I started noticing that Namco, THQ, and Sega had stepped up with some decent titles. And there’s some definite interest from developers such as Read the rest of this entry

Duke Nukem Forever.

This is old news now, but this is just…. Wow.

You have to wonder what stones a company has got to have to release a trailer like this, especially since their “latest” installment of the series has been MIA for over a decade now.

Probably the greatest video game trailer ever put together by entry-level middle-school children learning their first video editing program.

Post-E3 Thoughts.

There’s really not much else to say about this past week’s E3. Penny Arcade perhaps put it best here.

After all the shock and calamity of this last week, I think the thing that I walked away with the most is the realization that as much I love video games, ultimately and in the end, it’s business. Not that I wasn’t aware of that, having worked in the industry as long as I did, but some companies also tend to be good in catering to their fans as well. Capcom’s one, Square-Enix is another, and as I said, Nintendo is its own beast now.

Square-Enix showed that with its multi-platform announcement of Final Fantasy XIII. Same as they left Nintendo to go where the technology could best suit their vision, Square is sharing the love on the 360 quite simply due to the significantly higher user base of the North American 360 gamer over the PS3. It’s hard to get excited over the PS3 still (for me), simply because this year’s conference, while games were announced, it was all “coming soon” videos that had little emphasis on gameplay.

Nintendo, since their infamous conference, have been backpedaling seemingly in Read the rest of this entry

No Words, Really.

One of my readers (Bildo) said it just about perfectly in one of my last posts. I’ve mulled over the Nintendo conference all day in my head today, trying to think about how to word what’s on my mind.

“Disgustingly underwhelmed” is about as good as I can come up with.

I think about my first year with the Wii. Their “great” games weren’t all that frequent last year either, but I was so content with my downloadings from the Virtual Console, by the time I looked up, Metroid came out, then Mario. Then NiGHTS. And of course, more of a Guitar Hero fix. The latter being safe, but still enjoyable. Smash Bros. was delayed, but now I see why Nintendo did it. So what if the Wii didn’t have a succession of “must-play” titles every month. I was too busy reliving my old-school glory days to even look up and take notice.

Then a funny thing happened. The mass drops of quality “A” VC releases dwindled, then all but stopped. And I started noticing the utter void in the main Wii library. Smash Bros. came out. Endless Ocean, another delayed game, was Read the rest of this entry

An Old Memory.

An old co-worker buddy of mine sent me a link to the movies from the PSX version of Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero. Ah, 1997. Such an interesting year in my life. For many, this was just a group of actors doing some Mortal Kombat FMV. For me, it was watching a group of people I spent many years working with and who turned out to be a fun group of people.

Such an odd game, though. We petitioned so hard to get rid of that damn “turn” button….

E3 ’08 Rolls Around.

I love E3 time. I’ve been to more than my fair share of the shows (’96-’00, ’02-’04 and ’06). It’s changed a lot from those days of huge booths, booth babes, parking lot parties with midgets, and just that general feeling of “Disneyland For Gamers”.

This year looks to be no different, despite the fact that it’s smaller and more subdued (but at least not that “experiment” they attempted last year). But it’s certainly started out strong, especially for Microsoft.

Let me just say: “Holy crap” for the Final Fantasy XIII announcement for the 360. Square leaves Nintendo for greener pastures way back when, and while completely not cutting the umbilical cord this time, the fact that a proper Final Fantasy game is going somewhere else other than a Playstation certainly draws for a fair comparison. Color me happy, and hopeful that the same will happen for the Kingdom Hearts series.

And then there’s the revamping of the Dashboard, the linking the 360 to one’s Netflix account, the Mii-like Avatars and hints of motion control peripherals (you knew it would happen with the other systems eventually), the Gameshow offerings with chance to win real, tangible prizes, the original Banjo-Kazooie Read the rest of this entry

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