Those who know me know that I have an affinity for gaming oddities (Sneak King, anyone?), but then I heard about this game: Polybius.

It’s some crazy, urban-legend, government controlled title that supposedly caused gamers to go insane, and honestly, I’ve never heard of it until today.

Supposedly, the company Sinnesloschen revived its website and there’s a demo and screenshots on what the game was supposed to be, but who knows if any of it is valid and accurate?

Still, the supposed shots look interesting (if eye-straining), and if I ever saw it, I’d want to see what it’s about. Thing is, what people report to have found varies greatly in their screenshot depictions.

So who knows? But I’d like to see if anyone that stumbles across this blog ever finds anything on it, and what the deal is.

This is SUPPOSEDLY what the game is like. I’ve watched it all the way through, and while I’m not bright light-seizure prone by any means, the video is like staring at one of those optical illusion things, and did mess with my eyes, so you’re forewarned. I never saw the player ship move either, so again, who knows if this is even supposedly accurate gameplay?

As an added bonus for this entry, this company called Rogue Synapse is making video games based off fake video games found in movies, like Space Paranoids, Starfighter, and The Bishop of Battle.

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