While it’s been out for a week or so now, the Spore Creator has been released.

I’ve been following Spore for a while now. It seems like it’s been forever in development, and we’re finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel as it nears completion. When the Spore Creator came out, I thought it would be very simple, and I’d just fool with it for a few minutes and move on. After all, it’s the heart of the full game that I’m interested in, and I want to immerse myself from the start.

I was wrong.

The creator in itself is fun, and really allows you to make some neat little creatures. I created one named “Jeffrey”, who looked pretty similar to the xenomorph in Alien, and, according to his biography, had “Once punched the Devil”.

What started as a simple few minutes of fooling around became much more focused as I became intent on not just creating a creature, but a really awesome looking creature. And then getting into the behavior mode to set moods and dances and then taking photographs…

If this is just one feature of the game, I’m going to be hooked on the final product. Continued interest has turned to genuine want now.

And even though I’ve been less than glowing towards the current state of the Wii’s software of late, this would be a fantastic title for it, and a nice breath of fresh air for the console. At any rate, wherever this game goes, I’m going to take note to follow.

To be honest, I really like games like this. This looks set to do something really different and really special. And I’m all for that.

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