For me, the DS and PSP have become my new havens for RPG goodness. From Crisis Core and the World Ends With You, to the upcoming Final Fantasy IV and Sonic Chronicles, it’s been a good year for good old-fashioned RPG greatness.

Riz-Zoawd looks great. It’s based on the Wizard of Oz universe, and as a classic film buff and owner of two evil cairn terriers a la Toto, I had a soft spot for the stories growing up.

Some screenshots are finally starting to appear, and I dig the art style. I just hope we’ll see this game come stateside eventually. I wonder if it’s just a new take on the series, or something more twisted and weird like Alice? The art style says “no”, but I really like the “fairy tale for grown-ups” aspect, and would like to see this as a real questing sort of game.

I may post more as I find things.

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