I have to admit that my PSP and Xbox 360 have been getting more of my attention of late. From the emotionally powerful and gorgeous Crisis Core for the PSP, and a stable of “new” (for me, anyway) games like Halo 3, Bioshock, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and of course, Grand Theft Auto IV, I’ve become a bit of a ‘box junkie, which is funny, because the I was usually disdainful of the original Xbox due to its controller designed for gorilla hands.

What’s changed me? Online. I enjoy shooting the breeze with my friends over headset, downloading demos, trailers for upcoming games, racking up achievement points for little crazy stunts or progress in my game, and of course, adding afriend to my list is easy: Type in the name, and there you go. No “Friend Code” crap that just allows you to get Miis and messages, but doesn’t allow you to play games together. There’s a whole separate code for that, and after dealing with the 360’s relative ease of building a gaming community, it’s apparent where the Wii is going wrong.

And Nintendo’s completely to blame.

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