I’ve had a day to digest this whole Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe thing. As I said before, I have a nostalgic soft spot for the series as most of my video game career was spent working on various games in the series. I’ve read a lot of the feedback from fans, watched the video, and processed the whole thought of it until now. While it’s true that Midway is 5-10 years late in coming to the party with this sort of idea when Capcom, Nintendo, and Namco have been doing this for years with putting unlikely characters their fighting games (which is also no different than Square doing similar moves with Mario and Disney characters), but I have to admit that I’m intrigued.

I don’t think the “T” rating will really hurt it. Let’s all really be honest and just admit that the Fatalities for the last few Mortal Kombat games have not exactly been the most original or inspired, and the series is no longer the leader in blood and gore like it used to be in the video game world. For a game series that is rated “M”, its generally marketed to fan base has always been younger kids or teens. Sure there’s the “grown-up” gamer populace who plays as well, but the number of young’uns who play the game rank just as high if not higher. Starting out as a game counselor, that’s a factual statement, and not mere speculation.

I’m surprised that the fans are screaming “foul” about this. There’s been a lot of unlikely elements that have jumped the shark in the series. Everything from goofy finishing moves to puzzle and chess games to kart racers. No wonder that Mortal Kombat as a whole has lost its “serious” reputation.

There’s also the factor of other fighters: Street Fighter, Tekken, Soul Caliber, Dead or Alive and Virtua Fighter. None of these games are especially gory, but they do produce some seriously cringe-worthy moments of hurt that I’ve found more satisfying than blowing up a guy to see 43 arms, 8 intestines and 76 legs fly off of a single person. I know the blood and gore factor is Mortal Kombat‘s “thing”, but so many games today have diminished MK‘s violence to the point where it’s a lower ranking novelty. And certainly not inspired like the first few games in the series.

Mortal Kombat reminds of Sonic the Hedgehog (via Sonic Unleashed): Both series are in major need of an overhaul, and both franchises are offering something new in an attempt to revitalize the series, lest both fade into obscurity. If Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe replaces the tired and uninspired Fatalities of late with some genuinely painful looking fighting moves, I am all for that. If they don’t use the exact same clunky, robotic animated characters engine from the last three games, fantastic. If they don’t add all of Midway’s stupid concept of “hip attitude” that seems so incredibly forced and out of touch, then please, go for it. Midway needs a good game now, as they’ve had nothing exceptionally standout in a while, and for their sake I’d really like to see this game work.

I’m okay with “T”, as long as they put out a solid fighter free from all the fluff. And I really don’t see this as “Game Number 8” of the series. Look how many spin-off titles Street Fighter has had before they finally counted to three, and now this year to four? I really doubt this is Mortal Kombat 8, and I hope this gives them some more time and good ideas to implement something better for when they do finally make that move.

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