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I’ve had a day to digest this whole Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe thing. As I said before, I have a nostalgic soft spot for the series as most of my video game career was spent working on various games in the series. I’ve read a lot of the feedback from fans, watched the video, and processed the whole thought of it until now. While it’s true that Midway is 5-10 years late in coming to the party with this sort of idea when Capcom, Nintendo, and Namco have been doing this for years with putting unlikely characters their fighting games (which is also no different than Square doing similar moves with Mario and Disney characters), but I have to admit that I’m intrigued.

I don’t think the “T” rating will really hurt it. Let’s all really be honest and just admit that the Fatalities for the last few Mortal Kombat games have not exactly been the most original or inspired, and the series is no longer the leader in blood and gore like it used to be in the video game world. For a game series that is rated “M”, its generally marketed to fan base Read the rest of this entry

I Got An Xbox 360.

I finally joined the masses and joined the Microsoft crew.

Offhand, I’m pretty impressed. I’ve been playing Pac-Man Championship Edition and Geometry Wars (and yes, Sneak King after all these years of owning the game). Overall, my experience has been pretty favorable. I like the way it looks on my TV, definitely, and the “Live” service is planets better than Nintendo’s sad online service. I think that’s what ultimately pushed me to get a 360, outside of the Brawl tournament or two, I’ve been in PSP mode for the past month. Crisis Core has been eating a lot of my time, as I am a big Final Fantasy VII enthusiast, and it’s been tugging at the old emotional heartstrings.

Basically, I think I’ve just been feeling burned over the weaker and diminished Virtual Console library Nintendo’s been trickling out this year. It’s bad enough that Japan has 80+ VC games up on us as it is, but they have channels and services we aren’t going to see for a while. And I don’t like being shorted content, when the service is capable of so much more. In my opinion, Nintendo has gotten completely lazy, or Read the rest of this entry

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