As of 2 A.M. (PST), Gamespot no longer has ads on their page. Under normal circumstances, I’d link to it, but I choose not to give Gamespot or Eidos any additional traffic. But it’s there (or not), if you choose to look for yourself.

As many people are aware, reviewer Jeff Gerstmann has seemingly been fired for giving a 6.0 to Eidos game Kane & Lynch. Bear in mind a “6” isn’t horrible. Obviously, it’s not the best, but it’s above average. Why? Well, Eidos put a LOT of advertising on Gamespot’s site, promoting the game, only to have it get a so-so review. I guess Jeff didn’t appease the corporate marketing juggernaut, so it was “bye-bye” for Jeff.

Sadly, this is not the first instance of in the pocket corruption that has gone on in the industry. The difference with this one is is that it was caught and brought to attention. Hell, Capcom pulled ads from EGM for quite some time a few years back, because their reviewers didn’t go crazy over the newest revision of Street Fighter II. But then, Capcom’s retaliation didn’t get anyone fired, either.

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