Yes, ’tis the season for FAR too many games, and even if I weren’t moving, I don’t know how I’d possibly keep up.

So I got Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games in addition to Super Mario Bros. 3 for the VC. This is in light of the recent release of Guitar Hero III shortly before, and the impending release of Super Mario Galaxy next week.

Oh wait, let’s not forget Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga, also this week, then after Mario Galaxy, the Wii Zapper, and Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles. Let’s top that off with Geometry Wars, and then NiGHTS next month.

This is just for the Wii, mind you. There’s a lot more titles, and I haven’t even covered the other systems. There’s no way my wallet or bank account could support all of this.

There’s a good and bad for this: The good is that the “drought” for quality titles is officially over. The bad is that there’s so many games, you don’t even know where to begin first. I’m thinking this is why they delayed Smash Bros. It will be a tighter game in the process, but it also gives any other game a fair chance since 10,000 are dumping all at once. Where was this from April to September? I think a lot of good quality games are going to be left in the dust as the result of this. I don’t see how anyone could feasibly keep up with so many titles unless you’re A.) Console exclusive to one platform, or B.) Have a HUGE gaming budget.

The other thing I’m starting to wonder about is the whole system “shortage” thing Nintendo is still having? A year later? Really? Remember the Wiimote shortage earlier this year until Wii Play came out, and then suddenly, there were more than enough controllers for everyone? I’m wondering if that was one of the reasons why we weren’t seeing any game support for the Wii until this time. Well, there’s that, plus the fact that most of the 3rd party developers didn’t take the Wii seriously until they saw what a sales juggernaut it is.

But no one could buy one, and I’m starting to wonder, like Wii Play, if Nintendo has been holding back system releases until some games actually came out. I’m willing to bet the “shortages” will stop once the new year kicks in. To be honest, most of the Wii “life support” has largely come from Virtual Console releases, and even then that schedule has had some pretty suspect (read: poor) weeks, mixed in with some good ones.

At any rate, between the VC offerings and the exploding library of games as of this month, I think it’s safe to say that the Wii drought is currently over.

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