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A lot’s been going on with gaming right now, especially with one of my usual gaming addictions, the Virtual Console. In the past three weeks, Japanese imports, Neo Geo and Turbo Duo titles have stated making their way to the Wii, which should be interesting, but it’s going to make gaming access even more limited since Nintendo is sticking to that “3 games a week” mantra. Lame.

And unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard of the Sonic the Hedgehog announcement for Super Smash Bros. Brawl. If they’re doing that, what else can be done? Pac-Man? Mega Man? Bomberman? Something else… man? Brawl seems to be Nintendo’s “love letter to video games”, as it were, and then they go off and delay it (and Endless Ocean) until next year.

Well, there goes two of my big three games for this Fall.

Surprisingly, I’ve been getting back into my PSP system again. It’s really similar in a lot of ways to the PS3: It does all these “amazing” things, and yet there’s hardly any library to back it up. The PSP fares a little better than its big brother, though. But it’s also nearly three years old now. A friend of mine got me Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars for it as one of my birthday presents, and it’s as solid as the Dreamcast versions.

PSP, in its own way, somewhat reminds me of the Dreamcast. Just as I get into it, the support starts fading. Again, PSP is still hanging in there, with a new Castlevania, Kingdom Hearts, and God of War on the way (is that Final Fantasy VII spin-off ever going to come out?). But the DS is the portable juggernaut, same as Game Boy was, and it’s too bad pirating ruined the whole UMD movie thing. It wasn’t the reason I bought the system, but it’s kind of cool to have a few movies on the go.

I’ve grown to accept the PSP more as a “niche” system, and of all the portables who have dared to challenge Nintendo, it’s still hanging in there. The format isn’t as user-friendly as the DS layout, but I don’t think it feels as convoluted as the PS3 does. I’m just trying to largely stick to classic gaming compilations (which are great for on the go), and the exclusive titles. Capcom, for example, put out some great games for the system last year.

Ah, yes. “E For All” is starting this Thursday. I wanted to go, but with my upcoming move, I decided it would be best to set back my cash for that instead. *sigh* Even this gamer has a budget, but it would have been fun.

Oh, for those who’ve been bummed out that Nintendo abruptly killed their forums with no warning, a fan site called NSider2 has risen from the ashes to take it’s place.

So what are people playing these days? I’ve been meaning to write more, but I’ve been choosing the worst times to update, as all of my subjects get backlogged into one big lump post. I need to start updating more frequently. Who is still reading? And for that matter, what are you playing these days?

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