So Nintendo is declaring August “Metroid Month”, which is fine by me for a lot of reasons.

Friday saw the release of a Metroid Prime 3 Preview Channel (with new updates sometime today), today was the launch of the NES Metroid on the Virtual Console, next Monday is Holiest of Holies Super Metroid, and right after this is Prime 3.

It’s been a lot of good for a few reasons: Nintendo finally saw fit to give a release date to an actual VC game, which is fairly shocking after all the mysterious run-around they usually give, and the Preview Channel marks something good for the future of Wii. I wouldn’t mind downloading new videos regarding upcoming games directly from Nintendo, especially since they’ve been so quiet on the Metroid front up until now.

At any rate, between Super Metroid, and my building anticipation for Prime 3, this should be an entertaining month for gaming. It’ll be interesting to see how a FPS (sorry… FPA. will handle with Wii’s control setup.

More soon, as always.

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