It’s been a hectic few days pounding the pavement at the San Diego Convention Center. Lots of movies, games, toys, and of course, comics.

The gaming line-up has some interesting tidbits, yet doesn’t seem quite as plentiful for some reason. Nintendo is not here this year, which is baffling. You’d think with all the success they’ve had in the last year, they’d want to keep th e ball rolling. Instead, they seem to go deeper and deeper into seclusion for these events. That makes as much sense as the all-red screen for the Virtual Boy, but whatever. Sony is definitely able to show off some things in Nintendo’s absence. I plan to bring my PSP tomorrow for demo downloads.

Capcom needs to stop with the rapping guys. They’re killing me. Konami, however, has some DDR games about, and an awesome demo of the DS Contra IV and Castlevania for the PSP. Both are definite must-gets.

Speaking of Castlevania, NECA’s booth has some awesome stuff. One of the show’s exclusive figures is a 2D version of Simon Belmont from the original NES Castlevania, and I couldn’t pass that up. The prototypes for the first wave of Castlevania figures (Simon, Dracula, Alucard and the Succubus) are so well detailed. The God of War figures are equally, well, they’re just bad-ass. The Kratos replica daggers are a lot of cool adjectives which I’ve probably already used.

Friday has been “Indiana Jones Day” with Lucas’ camp. The new figures, a set-up of the Lost Ark of the Covenant, and then there’s this: Lego Indiana Jones: The Video Game. Watch the trailer. If it’s as good as the Star Wars games, I’ll be excited.

They’ve got a few game designing panels which I may consider attending for the rest of the weekend. I’m sure I’ll be giving out some other surprises before it’s all over.

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