I’m looking forward to Comic-Con this week. It should hopefully make up for the grim E3 parody that took place this year. I’ll definitely be checking out the Castlevania action figures to see if I can add some new things to my “gaming lair”.

So I’ve been following this game called Endless Ocean (I guess formerly known as Forever Blue). There was a game similar to this for the first Playstation called Aquanaut’s Holiday that was very… I don’t know how to explain it. It wasn’t a game, per se, but I still found it amazing to cruise the depths of the ocean floor. This one looks to be Wi-Fi, and allow players to put in their own MP3 music. I’ll be jamming this to either Enya or the Finding Nemo soundtrack, I’d imagine.

I doubt the game will leave one gripping the edges of their seats soaked in adrenaline, but after one sea-based game 11 years ago, I’m curious to see what more they can do.

I’ll have more to report once Comic-Con gets off the ground (and hopefully, free goodies).

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