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Comic Con So Far.

It’s been a hectic few days pounding the pavement at the San Diego Convention Center. Lots of movies, games, toys, and of course, comics.

The gaming line-up has some interesting tidbits, yet doesn’t seem quite as plentiful for some reason. Nintendo is not here this year, which is baffling. You’d think with all the success they’ve had in the last year, they’d want to keep th e ball rolling. Instead, they seem to go deeper and deeper into seclusion for these events. That makes as much sense as the all-red screen for the Virtual Boy, but whatever. Sony is definitely able to show off some things in Nintendo’s absence. I plan to bring my PSP tomorrow for demo downloads.

Capcom needs to stop with the rapping guys. They’re killing me. Konami, however, has some DDR games about, and an awesome demo of the DS Contra IV and Castlevania for the PSP. Both are definite must-gets.

Speaking of Castlevania, NECA’s booth has some awesome stuff. One of the show’s exclusive figures is a 2D version of Simon Belmont from the original NES Castlevania, and I couldn’t pass that up. The prototypes for the Read the rest of this entry

Comic Con ’07.

I’m looking forward to Comic-Con this week. It should hopefully make up for the grim E3 parody that took place this year. I’ll definitely be checking out the Castlevania action figures to see if I can add some new things to my “gaming lair”.

So I’ve been following this game called Endless Ocean (I guess formerly known as Forever Blue). There was a game similar to this for the first Playstation called Aquanaut’s Holiday that was very… I don’t know how to explain it. It wasn’t a game, per se, but I still found it amazing to cruise the depths of the ocean floor. This one looks to be Wi-Fi, and allow players to put in their own MP3 music. I’ll be jamming this to either Enya or the Finding Nemo soundtrack, I’d imagine.

I doubt the game will leave one gripping the edges of their seats soaked in adrenaline, but after one sea-based game 11 years ago, I’m curious to see what more they can do.

I’ll have more to report once Comic-Con gets off the ground (and hopefully, free goodies).

5 Favorite Games Part 9.

1.) Sonic the Hedgehog (Sega) – Playing the first game now evokes both warm nostalgia and saddened wonderment. The first game in the series, though not as refined as part 2 or the CD version, was this wonderful game full of bright colors, catchy J-Pop music and fast speed. And really, that’s all Sonic ever needs to be. When he starts to deviate from that, he loses his charm, but his first adventure is what really pushed the Genesis into the spotlight, and still remains an incredibly fun game. I just wish Sega had taken better care of their lead mascot.

2.) Super Metroid (Nintendo) – Quite arguably, the greatest side-scrolling adventure ever created. The game is a true masterpiece of graphics, sound, control, exploration and mood. There’s so much to like about this game, not to mention the surprise ending and just the utter “cool” factor of the final battle. One of Nintendo’s few games not to get released 1,000 times by now, this is one I’ll be eagerly waiting for when it hits the Virtual Console.

3.) Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards
(Sierra) – The first “adult” game I ever Read the rest of this entry


Well, it looks like “E3” 2007 has more or less gone… and I wasn’t impressed. I didn’t like the lack of videos, news, presentation, excitement…. Basically, in everything that I saw, there were no new surprises, and all the announcements were things we either already knew, or things the media has been speculating would happen for months now. When last year announced the end of the traditional E3, I kind of figured that would be the end of that expo in more ways than one. for the most part, I feel I was pretty on the mark, and as much as I never thought I’d say this, it sounds like I didn’t miss that much. This coming from someone who has spent the last decade attending the show. It’s just missing something. I’m sure the Los Angeles Convention Center was missing E3.

The keynotes seemed okay. Microsoft has got its hands full with the problems the 360 is having, but time will tell how they choose to address the problem. PS3 looks to be getting some titles, but from my personal standpoint, there’s still nothing that justifies the high price, or any games Read the rest of this entry

This Could Be Interesting.

A portable Atari 2600 coming soon? I’d be curious to see how they’d do this.

(More importantly, I’d be interested to see how much this would cost.)

A Cuddly Manhunt 2?

Nah. Not really, but parody is an amusing thing.

I felt like adding a humorous post tonight. I’ll probably start discussing my thoughts on the newest Smash Bros. game since they’re getting a bit more liberal on releasing information now.

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