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5 Favorite Games Part 8.

Another episode of my occasionally regular series.

1.) Adventure (Atari) – For it’s time, this game was incredible. A huge mazed world to explore with (ooh) multi-colored walls, an annoying bat that always seemed to steal your most-needed item and leave you with some piece of crap you didn’t need, and of course, the dragon-duck-dragon things that would hunt you down wherever you went. Nothing stopped them (not even walls), and the red one was by far the worst of the lot. And of course, Adventure is the first game credited to have an “Easter Egg”. But for most games that were usually one screen, or based off a variant of an arcade-style game, this was a very innovative title. Playing it now evokes more of a sense of fond nostalgia, and after all these years, the gameplay is still competent enough to have some fun.

2.) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Konami) – As a kid, playing a game like this really was a great thing. I was in middle school at the time, and would walk to the local arcade to pump quarter after quarter into this machine with good reason. It looked exactly Read the rest of this entry

BioWare’s Sonic RPG.

I know, something outside of Manhunt 2, finally.

So Bioware is creating a Sonic RPG for the Nintendo DS. Yes, that’s Bioware of Baldur’s Gate/Knights of the Old Republic fame. No real details have been provided other than the initial announcement, but I for one am looking forward to it.

I always liked Sonic. Well, I did for a while, anyway. The first two Sonic games for Genesis were great, Sonic CD was a really nice version of the game, and I really liked the first Sonic Adventure for the Dreamcast. But Sega got a little too proud of their mascot, and shoved him EVERYWHERE. And I got burned out. I nearly walked away when they introduced the gun toting Shadow the Hedgehog, the move that “jumped the shark” for Sonic as a whole, and Sonic the Hedgehog for Xbox 360 was pretty damn awful.

However, I did like Sonic and the Secret Rings for the Wii. While not a life-changing game, it was a long overdue step back in the right direction. The Mario and Sonic game at the very least sounds intriguing, and I really think it would be a stupid, Read the rest of this entry

Manhunt 2: "AO". You Think?!?

Old news by now, but Manhunt 2 got an AO rating from ESRB for its content. Outside of the never released Thrill Kill, and the retro-active rating for GTA: San Andreas after the “Hot Coffee” mod, this is the first legit console game to get it. To date, only 23 games using the rating system have ever been awarded the rating.

Rockstar as a result seems pretty shocked by the announcement, and is upset that both Nintendo and Sony have denied an “AO” game on their system. This is nothing new. How many “AO” games are there on consoles? None. Because they generally aren’t allowed. Is Manhunt 2 worthy of the rating, or is it being overblown? Here’s one brief description I found online.

“The ultra-violent videogame Manhunt 2 allows you to rape a woman shortly after you beheaded her in the brothel level called Honey Pot. Members of the ESRB were shocked when Daniel Lamb used his male reproduction organ and simulated a penetration in the bloody hole. Other gruesome parts include microwaving a living cat to death and being a witness of necrophilia in a cemetery in one of the later stage of Read the rest of this entry

Wii: Half A Year Later.

Perhaps it’s more than six months at this point (actually, nearly eight), but the point stands that the little white box that could has been chugging along for less than a year now, with no immediate signs of slowing down.

Has it been a perfect ride? A ride that justifies the sales juggernaut that it has been? Yes and no. The Wii is a fun system that has escaped a large amount of criticism from the media, and it seems that anyone who does, posts a retraction statement within a few days (most recently, Sega’s marketing VP of Marketing, Scott Steinberg). This is a different time for Nintendo. They are finally back on top for the first time since the NES/SNES days, but the real question isn’t so much can they hold onto their position, as it is more are they going to make actual steps to? Currently, Nintendo is leading the way in the latest console war, but are they going to make sure to correct the mistakes that got them bumped off the Number One spot in the first place, or does history repeat itself again out of a lack of Nintendo’s pro-activity?

With Nintendo Read the rest of this entry

5 Favorite Games Part 7.

I was planning this as a weekly feature a long time ago, but it never happened, so I’m going to cheat a little, and add two entries this week. It won’t always be the case, but for now, here we are.

1.) DuckTales (Capcom) – One of the few Disney games you could actually get away with being “cool” as a kid, and actually mean it. And in all honesty, it actually was a great game. The graphics looked just like the cartoon (for the time), the music was typical NES-era Capcom music (which always had that distinctive flair to it), and was just a lot of fun to play. The game didn’t cheapen out with the license, either. It felt like a Scrooge McDuck adventure from the show, with enemies to fight, secret areas to find, and just doing whatever it takes to rake in the most money as possible by the end of the games. That classic 1980’s materialism was quite intact for the theme of the game, and you know, it just worked. In fact, it kind of makes me want to dig out my old NES again just to play it…. Read the rest of this entry

5 Favorite Games Part 6.

It’s true I’ve left a lot of the “heaviest hitters” out (Zelda, Mario, Metroid, Final Fantasy, etc.), and a lot of that was intentional. They’re all wonderful games, and I will cover them, but I wanted to show that there was more to life that the obvious titles out there. I may even cover one of two in this post. I always pull these games off the top of my head, based off what I have covered, and what I haven’t. Anyhoo, here commences the list:

1.) Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker (Sega) – Despite the media scandals and all the general oddities around one of the most notable pop superstars ever (The Thriller album still rocks, face it), in the 1990’s, there came a game based on the man. And it was cool. It was very cool. Music-themed games are so commonplace these days, and one of my most favorite genres. For the first time, gamers got to be immersed in a music video like experience with some great classic music, the ability to pull of MJ’s repertoire of moves for offensive as well as show, and darn it, the game was just fun and Read the rest of this entry

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