So the first wave of “Spider Mania” has come and gone. Saw the movie (enjoyed it, but emo dancing Peter Parker was a little too much for me), and got the game.

Ah, where to begin….

First off, the controls are great. They did exactly what I hoped they would do when it came to gameplay, and it’s very cool to web swing the way the controls are set up. That said, the graphics in this version took a total dump on themselves. This game looks a lot worse than Spider-Man 2 did for the Gamecube, but it sounds like all versions of Spider-Man 3 (with the exception of the DS version) were disappointing overall.

Graphics are one thing. If it was just that, I could live with it. But the game also has numerous camera and collision issues, and it’s even locked up once. Inexcusable. When reading through various online forums, various posters are getting their “Haw haws” on saying this is what should be expected from the “primitive” Wii, and Sony is deliberately doing this to sabotage Nintendo’s return to success. If these people actually did their research, they’d note that the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions also have a significant number of similar issues which barely pull it above average, and the PS2 version is the lowest rated version yet. Is self-sabotage part of Sony’s “evil master plan”?

I really, really doubt it.

The real point is that the game was rushed. It had to be out in time for the movie, whether it was ready or not, and it shows. The game could have been so improved if they had allowed perhaps two more months in QA, but it would have missed all the marketing hoopla surrounding the movie, and who would care about a Spider-Man game in two months? I mean the character’s only been around for about 40 years now, and you know how much his popularity has diminished since then. *sarcasm*

Others mark this the “curse of the movie-based game. Again, nonsense. The first Spider-Man movie game was good. The second title was exceptional. EA’s Lord of the Rings brawlers were also top-notch and came out in time for the movie, and who could forget Nintendo 64’s Goldeneye? Even 15-bit titles like the Genesis Aladdin and the SNES Batman Returns were good titles, as were the entire trilogy of the Super Star Wars series. So I call “BS” on that whole theory.

Activision has treated the Spider-Man license very well over the years, whether is was PSX, the movie games, the comic games, or his appearance in Marvel Ultimate Alliance. This is why it’s been such a bitter pill to swallow regarding this new game. How could they allow this to happen? They’ve been hyping the third movie for over a year now.

As I said, the control is the game’s main saving grace. They do some innovative things with the setup, and is a good step forward in the ways the Wiimote should be used. It’s too bad they wrapped great controls in such an ugly, buggy package.

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