I have to admit, I feel really lost and somewhat confused without E3 being around this month. For the last decade, I’ve been so used to getting my big yearly dump of gaming info for the the year right around now, that I keep having to remind myself that things are different now. E3 is no longer a big event. It’s a quaint little tea party complete with fancy doilies…. and it vexes me. Oh, yes. It vexes me.

I found out what that weird NES controller was I was trying to remember. The Roll ‘N’ Rocker from (surprise) LJN. I can sleep better now, despite the fact knowing that I’m not insane, and there is someone actually crazier than me who created such a goofy contraption.

I have a new favorite reviewer for retro games: The Angry Video Game Nerd. The guy swears like a sailor, but his reviews actually ring true on some of the biggest video gaming mishaps ever created. Some people swear in a lame attempt to be funny. This guy goes off in a way that lets you know he’s been there, man. He’s been in those trenches suffering alongside every other hardcore gamer, and he’s got a right to be angry. It also benefits that his presentation is pretty damn funny. Reminds me of a friend of mine.

Nintendo’s Official Smash Bros site has been teasing us all for a week with this “official” countdown until site relaunch. After debuting at the last possible second, I can’t help but cry “foul”. They have kept players in the dark over any real game info. since November of last year with the “unexpected” return of the Fox character. I was thinking/hoping at least a new video, some level layouts, power-ups, gameplay modes, 1-3 new character intros, possible online play or inclusion of Miis…. and we get who’s working on the music. Not a music selection, but just the composers. Oh, and the stages go from day to night. Er, day/night cycles are nothing new in video games. Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest, along with a lot of other games since have done that. Waiting 6-7 months for this “tidbit” of info. is insulting, and after checking back all day, I feel silly for waiting. It’s like those many “off” weeks on the Virtual Console.

Tonight was a Guitar Hero and DDR sort of night. As I’ve gotten older, I’m grown more into games that have as high replay value as possible. A lot of the old classic games have this. Atari 2600/NES/Genesis-era games, arcade titles, or even just a really good game that playing it is just simply fun. What are those fun “twitch” titles that you can keep coming back to for you?

For me:
Tetris DS
Guitar Hero
Ms. Pac-Man
Dance Dance Revolution
Crazy Taxi
Activision Anthology
Mario Kart DS

Those are just a few of them off the top of my head….

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