I was about to go to bed, but since I haven’t posted here recently….

Gaming still goes well. I’m still smarting a little from the hurt that was Spider-Man 3 (the controls save it from mediocrity – my MobyGames review summarizes my main thoughts), but I’ve been playing Castlevania and Ninja Gaiden, which makes me happy as the drought of ho-hum Virtual Console games is a little easier to bear. Still, Nintendo’s handled the North American VC releases so poorly, that most of my enthusiasm is diminished for the next Monday that hits.

I’ve also been trying Lord of the Rings Online. I’ve tried to avoid the siren call of another MMO, but I had to know about this one. My initial verdict? The same giddy excitement I got from the books and movies. The end of my first run had me traversing through Hobbiton, until I went to the Hill, home of Bag End, or more appropriately, Bilbo Baggins. It was such a rush to explore Bilbo’s home, and see all the decor and odds and ends scattered about. I am playing as a Hobbit (Tildook), as I feel that’s the best way to experience Tolkien’s story. It’s always been the tale of a Hobbit overcoming great odds to make a difference, and that’s how I wanted to experience this game. From what I’ve seen ,and for what promises to lay ahead, this one could suck me in. And quite fully.

For the “*gasp* You’ve never seen it moment”, I finally saw The Wizard with Fred Savage recently. I was surprised to see Tobey Maguire play his first cameo there (mullets = wow), but yes, it is a glorified NES commercial, though the movie doesn’t really hint at the whole gaming thing for the longest time. “I love the Power Glove. It’s so bad.”

No. No it wasn’t. Not from a gameplay standpoint.


Still, the Bart Simpson NES controller wasn’t much better, and what was the name of that NES floor controller that looked like some weird Pogo Ball knock-off?

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