After I posted my last entry, coincidentally, the update decided to work, so I did a system update, cruised the Wii Shop Channel, and viola! New Wii Opera Browser!

These are the new features according to RevoGamers:

– Parental Control support
– Optional Internet content filter provided by Astaro (available soon)
– Improved start-up speed
– Clearer text when zoomed-in
– Improved Wii Remote navigation
– Improved scrolling and zooming
– Built-in search via Yahoo! or Google
– Option to hide Toolbar
– New cursor animations and operation sounds
– Ability to view page security information
– Option to delete cookies
– Built-in support manual

From a personal standpoint, the interface is much nicer, and it’s MUCH faster to run pages and download things. I also appreciate the foresight to include Google and Yahoo! search engines as part of the default bookmarks. I did a quick run through over at YouTube to see if the Montgomery Flea Market guy (my latest favorite) could be scaled to fit my screen, and it also zooms a lot better.

So for a quick run-through, not too bad. The thing still screams for a keyboard attachment, though.

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