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Rants Of The Late Night Gamer.

I got done playing more Super Paper Mario just a little while ago. The game is fantastic, and the art style is just so charmingly well done. I’ve been a sucker for old-school Mario platformers, and this is a real winner. Between that and the Virtual Console’s Punch-Out!!, I’ve been in mini-gaming Heaven.

I enjoy browsing Wikipedia for old game news and franchises. There are so many links that lead from one page to another, that I end up browsing for quite some time if I don’t catch myself. I’ve been looking at a lot of Sega stuff lately: Any new tidbits on NiGHTS (the game looks amazing), and the “glory days” of the Genesis and Dreamcast. I will always be in that camp of Dreamcast should have survived at least 3-4 years longer. It was a remarkable system.

I’ve also been looking up a whole wiki devoted to Phantasy Star, one of my favorite RPG series of all time, in many ways, the only RPG series that could come close to toppling my irrational love for Square-Enix games.

I was probably the only kid on my block to own both a NES AND a Sega Master Read the rest of this entry

Why Do I Blog?

So I’ve been asked by one of my friends “why do I blog”? I’ll keep it along the lines of my blog’s subject matter, but people may want to know what compels me to chat just about video games.

I do have a regular blog that describes all of my daily trials and tribulations (ask if you would like to read it), but I created this particular blog due to my involvement in the industry for about a decade.

I started in the industry back in 1995, just before the advent of Playstation. I worked at Midway (then known as Williams Entertainment) testing my first two game for the 16-bit era: Doom and Mortal Kombat 3. Over the years, I stayed and came back to Midway (both in their Texas and Californai offices), until I hung up my professional joystick for the indefinite future in 2005. I’ve also worked at MacPlay, and briefly, at SOE, SCEA, and TKO Software.

I created this blog as I’ve been a video game enthusiast since Pong. I then graduated up to Atari 2600, Colecovision, Intellivision, Vectrex, NES, Sega Master System, Genesis, Super Nintendo, Sega CD, Playstation, Nintendo 64, Game Boy Color, Read the rest of this entry

Jack Thompson.

I’ve tried to avoid discussing this subject, just as much as I’ve tried to not talk about the school shooting tragedy at Virginia Tech. It’s a helpless situation, and other than feeling sorry that such senselessness occurred, I don’t know how much else I could comment on the subject. But school shootings aren’t new. And neither are Jack Thompson’s crazy rants.

It makes you wonder why Jack Thompson hates the video game industry so. Every time something ugly in the world rears its head, Jack Thompson can be seen on FOX news squawking that this is yet again the fault of video games. Everything is to blame because of video gaming and electronic entertainment. It makes you wonder what kind of video games, Hitler, Genghis Khan, and Alexander the Great played? Because obviously, someone traveled back in time to let them play the latest Xbox games.

“Dr. Phil” is no better. He’s also on the forefront blaming video games for the shooting as well. It’s funny: I worked at Midway for about a third of my life. And I spent countless hours playing M-Rated games such as Mortal Kombat, Doom, Bio FREAKS, Mace: Read the rest of this entry

Fun NES Quiz.

Sad but true (or impressive in the right crowds), I got a “perfect” score on this quiz.

What’s your best score?

Wii Browser Is Running.

After I posted my last entry, coincidentally, the update decided to work, so I did a system update, cruised the Wii Shop Channel, and viola! New Wii Opera Browser!

These are the new features according to RevoGamers:

– Parental Control support
– Optional Internet content filter provided by Astaro (available soon)
– Improved start-up speed
– Clearer text when zoomed-in
– Improved Wii Remote navigation
– Improved scrolling and zooming
– Built-in search via Yahoo! or Google
– Option to hide Toolbar
– New cursor animations and operation sounds
– Ability to view page security information
– Option to delete cookies
– Built-in support manual

From a personal standpoint, the interface is much nicer, and it’s MUCH faster to run pages and download things. I also appreciate the foresight to include Google and Yahoo! search engines as part of the default bookmarks. I did a quick run through over at YouTube to see if the Montgomery Flea Market guy (my latest favorite) could be scaled to fit my screen, and it also zooms a lot better.

So for a quick run-through, not too bad. The thing still screams for a keyboard attachment, though.

Wii Browser Update Available.

The blue light is flashing, and Nintendo’s sent their message saying it’s out.

Problem is, my WiiConnect doesn’t seem in sync right now, so I’m still trying to get it.

I also got my hands on Super Paper Mario, and it’s probably one of the best Mario games I’ve played since New Super Mario Bros. – I’ll talk more about Wii tomorrow. I’m trying to get my online connection to behave. Grr.

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