I’ve been trying to devote some time between Sonic and the Secret Rings, Hotel Dusk: Room 215, and the usual fare on the Virtual Console. Not to mention getting ready for the impending God of War 2. So far, 2007 is turning out to be another good year for gaming, and in about two months or so, whatever’s left of E3 will hopefully have some good announcements. GDC is already discussing a lot of things impending for the rest of the year.

What am I looking forward to this year? There’s always the Nintendo heavy hitters Super Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime 3, Super Smash Bros., and Paper Mario look nice. I really enjoyed Spider-Man 2‘s game debut a few years back, and with the hype surrounding the third movie, this one will hopefully be even better. Still Activision has done a remarkable job of making Spider-Man games not suck, which is one of the few franchises that can actually say that.

The DS is seeing a lot of Final Fantasy love, so I am hyped for that, and a new Castlevania and Crazy Taxi game for the PSP might actually get me to blow the dust of my portable system.

I will be glad when the Wii finally goes online. Activision is reported to be the first to really show off the feature, which makes one wonder what game(s) will benefit from it. My money is on Guitar Hero. I’m really hoping Super Smash Bros. and Metroid Prime 3 will be online. I’d like to see the Virtual Console implement this as well. I’m going to be really disappointed in Nintendo if they outright neglect/ignore the online capabilities like they did with Gamecube.

Finally, EGM is talking about Mushroom Kingdom Hearts, a Disney/Nintendo hybrid with Sora and Mario. Normally, I’d go nuts over an announcement like this, but EGM usually hypes up the “April Fools” aspect for their April issue, and if this is the joke, that’s unfortunate. The idea of Tron and Samus Aran or Link and Captain Jack Sparrow has some definite fanboy merit.

More soon. One of those “random thought” posts until I can return to something a little more concrete.

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