It’s been pretty obvious in my last few posts that my support and attention has been focused more on the the Wii of late. I enjoy the Virtual Console. Sonic and the Secret Rings is finally a good step back on track for the Sonic series as a whole, and I’ve been thinking about investing in an Xbox 360, despite my friend Devgamer having the worst luck with Microsoft’s customer support. The lesson that I’ve learned from this: Pray to God your Xbox 360 never breaks.

What is really amazing me of late is the amount of ridiculousness that Sony has been feeding out in regards to the Playstation 3. Everything from they are glad there are unsold systems sitting on the store shelves as it allows people who want one to get one. There’s also the claim that buyers continually see PS3s on the shelves because they have an amazing and magical restocking ability to meet the demand no matter how frenzied. There’s the challenges from SCEA President Jack Tretton to even find a PS3 on the store shelves, and they financially compensate you $1,200 a system if you manage to find one. Penny Arcade did a very humorous parody of that statement. If that’s true, I’m going to be able to buy at least 2 brand new cars. With cash. There’s also the boast that Wii isn’t real competition, even though the Wii is outselling PS3 2:1. Other “winning” claims have Ps3 not being so much a game system, as being more of a media hub. There’s talk of removing the backwards compatibility feature to allow access to play PS1 and PS2 games. I’m still not sold by the big push of Blu-Ray discs…..

All of this poses one serious question….

What color is the sky in their world?

It’s easy to dismiss my comments as a “Nintendo fanboy” since I’ve praised the virtures of the Wii and DS so much lately. However, keep in mind that I strongly supported Playstation 1 and 2, and am anticipating God of War II. I also own a PSP, which has been a mixed bag due to the lack of original “must have” titles (Locoroco being a strong exception) and the incredibly scaled back distribution of UMD movies to the point of non-existence. I actually liked having a few “on the go” titles. So in other words, I’ve supported Sony systems for about 12 years now.

But Sony has utterly lost me on what they want Playstation 3 to actually be, the ridiculous price point that equals a decent (not great) computer, and just their outright arrogance of claiming to be better than the competition. And maybe they are. Maybe in a few years God of War 3/Gran Tourismo or some exclusive title from Namco/Square-Enix/Capcom/Sega will be the next defining video game that all other game developers will use as an inspirational reference. But that time isn’t now. Any Sony continues to make itself look more and more out of touch with reality with every “official” public statement that clumsily falls out of their mouths.

Currently, I just can’t support Playstation 3. Not until they lower their price and look like they have a definite direction they are trying to go to. Or at least be a little more straightforward. Sony needs to be careful. Even Nintendo lost its #1 spot a few years back, and we all remember what happened to the Dreamcast. Even the best titles around couldn’t save them from the hype machine. Wii may only be just a little bit more powerful than a Gamecube, but they are getting into more homes. And developers will go to where the more installed User base is. And that also benefits the 360 as well.

I am happy with the content offered by Wii. Same for the DS. I still play PS2 and PSP. Maybe the Wii lineup still needs room to grow, but at least they are focused on putting out games, and not “everything else, but we also do games on the side”.

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