Okay, fine, I will finally admit that there is a PS3 game that has caught my attention, and that is LittleBigPlanet.

I am a self-professed platform junkie at heart, and the concept of designing a platformer with imaginative and beautiful graphics like this…. Okay, fine, you got me. I’ll concede this is something to sit up and take note about, if anything from an artistic standpoint (I want the little brown guy with the zipper. He’s too cool.)

Playstation Home is the other big thing everyone is talking about, from the avatar customization of the Wii to displaying your achievements like from Xbox Live, Sony once again proves that if you’re going to steal ideas, steal them from the best.

Come on, Sony. Lead the pack again for once with your own ideas. You used to before, remember?

God of War II this week, and I’m hearing Kratos may even make it to the PSP this year. Talk about a much-needed game for the system, and something of note to be interested in.

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