I finally got around to picking up my copy of God of War II, which as Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess was the swan song for Gamecube, this is likely the end of Playstation 2 gaming. Well, I take that back. It’s the end of major release titles, unless you’re one of the publishers that is finally getting your chance to release Bob the Builder or Care Bears to fill that empty void. You can always tell when a game system is truly “over” once the publishers you’ve never heard of start releasing children’s titles (or “budget” titles) for the system.

Regardless, the last generation of consoles will be ending on a really high note. God of War II is (expectedly) awesome. While it’s nothing radically different from the first game, it is, however, one of the prettiest games on the PS2, if not the best looking game ever released for the system. I try to keep myself from making those bold exaggerations when I talk about a game, but don’t let the fact that this is one of the final PS2 games fool you into thinking they cut corners. For what I’ve played, the game keeps high on the “wow” factor.

Again, it’s coupled with a beautiful cinematic musical score, great voice acting, a compelling story, and over the top gameplay, where Kratos still has his way with beautiful women and rips people to pieces on a level that seems to even eclipse the original game. Kratos simply does not give a damn about anything, and this is conveyed quite well with some of the stunts and moves he performs. It’s a top notch package, and I look forward to seeing how everything resolves as well as how they translate this series to the PSP. Finally, a noteworthy PSP game to look forward to in 2007. I’ve just about given up on Earthworm Jim, Myst and Hot PXL ever coming out.

But for those wondering if God of War II is as good as the critics say, so far, yes. I am glad that Sony decided to continue PS2 support and release it for this system. I’m certain this would have pushed a lot of PS3s, but the User base is bigger on the older system, and I was looking forward to this from E3 of last year.

Basically, that’s the most recent gaming news I have and is what has been keeping busy to me. I am also finally starting to attract a bit of a readership on my gaming blog (hello to all), so it’s nice to actually have an audience to speak to and comment with instead of feeling like I’m talking to myself, or dealing with Spam messages: “Hi, I like your blog! Here is my Spam blog with a billion pop-up ads!”

The only other thing I am curious about is the the TMNT game that is apparently coming out this week. I’ve heard zilch about it, so that leads me to believe that the game has been hidden in shame and therefore going to be a disappointment. Hopefully, I’m proven wrong, but when a publisher keeps this much secrecy about a game, my experience is that it’s usually because something is wrong.

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