I haven’t touch this feature in a while, but I’d like to continue the series. For this one, I’ll start adding a tag of what I have felt are the “Best Games” from previous posts. To read more on it, just find the previous entry.

1.) Ms. Pac-Man (Namco/Midway) – If you ever wanted to know what my absolute favorite game is, this is the one. Ms. Pac-Man takes the love of my original Pac-Man Fever and increases the mazes, the challenge, the smarter AI, more colorful graphics, perfect gameplay…. Every gamer has that one “in the zone” title that they play over and over. This one has always been mine. Back in the day, people would actually bet their quarters against me in an attempt to beat me, and like clockwork, I would clear house with them. My skills have atrophied a little in later years, but I can still hold my own to clear more than a fair share of levels. Whether it’s the first time, or 10,000th time, I have always loved this game.

2.) Mario Kart DS (Nintendo) – I have played a lot of Mario Kart in my day, I liked some, others weren’t quite as entertaining. Mario Kart DS takes the best of all the various titles, and puts it as one solid game that has a great selection of hidden characters, track choices, graphics, and is by far one of the best party games I have ever played. There’s a total sense of satisfaction playing against a group of friends in a coffee shop or in a movie theater (before the movie starts, of course) that can’t be fully explained until you sit down and actually experience it.

3.) LocoRoco (Sony) – It’s really enjoyable to find a game that one can feel was actually made with the PSP in mind, and is completely original. LocoRoco has a very simplistic art style that makes for a very sharp-looking game. The gameplay itself is something you can enjoy at your leisure. Thaere’s no feeling of being rushed, you can explore the levels for the numerous nooks and crannies, and it has catchy music that sticks with you, complete with cute little LocoRocos singing the gibberish lyrics. If you have a PSP and want to see a game that actually does something with the system in mind, look no farther.

4.) River Raid (Activision) – One of the best shooters ever for the early gaming systems. The pacing depended on how skilled you were, or how desperate you were to find a fuel tank. The graphics were well done and recognizable, and the challenge still remains as strong now as it was then. This is one of the Atari 2600 classics that has aged well, and is worth another visit on one of Activision’s compilation packages.

5.) Rygar (Tecmo) – One of the best early NES-era adventure games. Armed with infinite continues and no save feature, this was a game that you had to commit to for the long run (a feature all-too frustratingly common back in those days). A great blend of action, item usage and an attempt at pseudo-3D. Not to mention the graphics and music were top notch in this game. This was one of my favorite adventure games of the NES era, and I’d love to revisit it via appearance on the Wii’s Virtual Console.

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