I wasn’t expecting a new Wii Channel out of the blue today. I figured the 3-game combo from Monday was gift enough. But surprise of surprises, Nintendo released the Everybody Votes Channel.

It set up a bit like a quiz show, where you answer poll questions with your Miis, and then can try to predict the outcomes of the questions to see if you’re right for stats, and to show how “In Touch” you are.

I think this is one thing I do like about the Wii. They may starve you at times for VC content, but they randomly drop goodness on you in equal portions. This isn’t the first “surprise” we’ve gotten, as gamers got a great VC line-up on Christmas, and the News Channel a day early.

The Everybody Votes Channel is quirky, but it seems to be another fun time passer, and another sign that Nintendo is really trying to do different things, which I am open to anything new and different in the gaming world.

I’m still confused as to why they’ve not met consumer demand for Wiimotes since the system’s release, however, which by default is going to make Wii Play a fast seller for gamers desperate to get another controller. I’m just glad I got a second one on launch day.

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