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Nintendo’s Valentine’s Gift.

I wasn’t expecting a new Wii Channel out of the blue today. I figured the 3-game combo from Monday was gift enough. But surprise of surprises, Nintendo released the Everybody Votes Channel.

It set up a bit like a quiz show, where you answer poll questions with your Miis, and then can try to predict the outcomes of the questions to see if you’re right for stats, and to show how “In Touch” you are.

I think this is one thing I do like about the Wii. They may starve you at times for VC content, but they randomly drop goodness on you in equal portions. This isn’t the first “surprise” we’ve gotten, as gamers got a great VC line-up on Christmas, and the News Channel a day early.

The Everybody Votes Channel is quirky, but it seems to be another fun time passer, and another sign that Nintendo is really trying to do different things, which I am open to anything new and different in the gaming world.

I’m still confused as to why they’ve not met consumer demand for Wiimotes since the system’s release, however, which by default is going to make Wii Play a fast seller for Read the rest of this entry

Arcades Of Old.

Ah, Valentine’s Day is in the air tomorrow, and I plan to be celebrating with my downloaded Kid Icarus on the Virtual Console… before the girlfriend gets off work.

I was thinking a lot about arcades this past week, especially as I past one of the few mall-based arcades that I know of in San Diego last Sunday. Most arcades now are regulated to Dave & Busters, Boomers, or assorted beach boardwalks (though the selection on the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz is top notch).

Arcades today aren’t the same. They are mostly gun games, a few fighters, and Konami’s Bemani line-up, which pretty much is all that passes for arcades now. The music, lighting, ambiance… it’s all different. I remember when arcades looked more like Flynn’s from the TRON movie. This giant, backlight neon-lit cave filled with rows upon rows of an infinite variety of games, beeping little tunes while Journey plays in the background and lukewarm pizza could be bought for two bucks. I’ve shown this link in the past, but this is the right idea, or even here. Granted, it’s not the ’80’s anymore, but it is too much to ask for a decent Read the rest of this entry

Guitar Hero For Wii.

Apparently, this is true. You can now rock out with your Wii out on Nintendo’s new system.

The article about Activision’s announcement.

Personally, I’m stoked. This is will be a really great game for the Wii, and a sign that 3rd-party support may not be as dismal for Nintendo this time out. I love Nintendo, but there is more to life than Mario. But I do hope that Strong Bad’s “Trogdor” makes it to the new version, as it was found in Guitar Hero II.

Speaking of Strong Bad, Videlectrix, the video game maker of the Homestar Runner universe, has converted some of their games over for Wii playability. If that doesn’t scream “cool”, then I just don’t want to know what does.

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