If you were a kid in the 1980’s, you remember Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in the arcade (I was always Donatello, for those wondering).

TMNT was always a personal favorite of mine as far as gaming went. I never really got into the action figure scene, but I had the first Ultra Games title (Konami’s second company to get around Nintendo’s “Five Games A Year” decree they had at the time. The game was more of a platformer than the traditional brawler the other games in the series took, but I still stayed up many a night working through the game to complete it (how many people suffered the rage of Level 3’s dam stage). Of course, they made other NES games, but I was drawn back with TMNT IV, which was a translation of the second arcade game. They were always fun, but due to system limitations, the games were cursed to two-player at a time due to hardware limitations. The real appeal of the arcade was to play all four turtles at once, and without it, it never was quite the same.

Fast forward to the new millenium. Konami introduced a new game based on the updated cartoon, and with Gamecube, Xbox, etc., hope was restored with a four-player brawler. But for some unexplainably stupid reason, they dropped the ball and didn’t do that. They stuck with two. They corrected that mistake with the later games, but the damage was already done, in my opinion, even with promises of ports of the original arcade games (which had poor audio replaced in them). I figured my hopes of reliving one of the classics of my childhood was regulated to memory.

Now Ubisoft is stepping in based off the new movie coming out this March. Given the incredible job they did with Peter Jackson’s King Kong, I am willing to see the torch passed from Konami to a new developer, and keep my fingers crossed that they remember the fun that the classic games generated.

The thing is, finding news, video, screenshots, advertising, et al has been nothing short of difficult at best, frustrating at worst. These types of tactics generally spell out that either they are trying to maintain the secrecy of the film’s plot, the game’s so awful that they don’t want the game site editors to know this until the last possible second, or both. again, I reserve judgment. King Kong was a fascinating, if linear title. But again, the intelligence and attention to detail really showed off what the company can do with a movie-based game.

I did, however, find this:

It looks to be on the right track, I’ve heard rumors of 4-player simultaneous, and the visuals look as good as the movie.

I’d just love to see a good Turtles game again. Hopefully, this will take me back to the days of going to the arcade in my local movie rental place, and pumping quarters in the machine for a few hours.

That’s the ideal goal, anyway….

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