As tipped off by my friend Danny, there is a company called Zootfly that had a tech demo released on YouTube for a possible Ghostbusters game. If this were true….

Here’s the link for the news.

One can hope that this would come to light.

I know. I post a lot about how great I think the Wii is, but this title absolutely screams for it. The Wiimote as a proton blaster and the nunchuk as a ghost trap? Multi-player support? I wouldn’t even mind seeing it on the Xbox 360, especially if it meant playing with my friends as a fully functional Ghostbusters team on Xbox Live.

At any rate, being a Ghostbusters fan myself, I think the franchise could definitely benefit from a high-profile project like this. Will all the pop-culture rebirths, from Transformers to Evil Dead, Ghostbusters, has been one that has quite possibly gotten the biggest shaft, which is quite frankly stupid given the amount of die-hard fans that can be found in such places as Ghostbusters.Net.

I’d love to see this happen. I haven’t played a good Ghostbusters game since the days of the Sega Genesis.

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