GameDaily BIZ: Analyst: Apple May Be Targeting Game Industry

For you old-school Apple II gamers out there, Apple DID create games back in the olden days of gaming, and while Apple isn’t exactly known as much for gaming these days, the same could have been said about Microsoft attempting something besides a PC a few years back. Hello, Xbox.

Having worked at MacPlay a few years back, I learned a few things about the state of Mac gaming: Mac gamers aren’t as plentiful and console or PC gamers, but are incredibly die-hard. I would think only Nintendo has that level of near-fanatical loyalty regarding their games. When I worked at MacPlay, they published very different games than they do now. A lot of action and role-playing games, as opposed to the puzzle and well, almost shareware level of games now (come on, Luxor and Bejeweled can be played for free on Yahoo Gaming. I’m just saying.). Games that had been on the PC for a while, but Mac gamers were salivating for. You don’t have Activision, EA, Lucasarts, Buena Vista, Eidos, Blizzard, etc. putting out games for the Mac, but companies like MacPlay and Aspyr did for them.

And it’s hard to say that the Apple business model hasn’t already affected console gaming. Both the Wii and DS Lite are very sleek, stylish, and simple in presentation, much like a Mac. Those who own Macs, even for non-gaming, will swear by them. But the real question is could Apple break past their image and niche market into the mainstream gamer? People swear by their PCs and much as they do by their Playstations that their chosen company is the best and only for them.

Still, this move may even benefit Mac gamers. Perhaps some of those above listed companies would look at Macs as a viable medium and start releasing their games themselves, instead of going to other publishers. Bad news for the existing companies, but good news for the gamer.

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