First off, Happy Thanksgiving to anyone reading this. I hope you’re in the midst of family and friends eating well and playing games.

Yup. I was one of those lucky schleps to get a Wii come launch day. But it’s not something I will look back on fondly. In fact, the experience was a full representation of the worst of humanity.

I’ve been a gamer for a long time. To see my hobby reduced to a profit game makes me really sad. The line for the Wii was horrible. Not so much in wondering if I was going to get one, but the people so utterly tactless about being polite to other people.

First, there was the clown car tent in front of my friend and I. This family kept bringing in more and more members of their family as time went by, and as Target was about to open, people had the audacity to stroll up to the line in their PJs and blatantly cut. And they didn’t care in the slightest that they were stiffing other people. The other people that sucked were the ones who were there just to buy a Wii and resell it on eBay. This one woman made me angry as she was slinging her 9 month infant around, and had tickets for three Wii systems. She walked up to me and asked what good games are so she could get more money from resale. I told her the worst titles I could think of, and wondered quite loudly if perhaps she could consider selling her baby on the black market as she could probably get a hefty sum off that as well. It just bugs me that she had no idea what a Wii was or what it does. She didn’t know anything about it. She just knew it was popular and wanted to resell it at a higher price on eBay. The joke’s on her. The Wii isn’t as hard to find as a Playstation 3. Anyone dumb enough to fall for those scalpers… I have no pity on them.

All I know is that I got my Wii, and didn’t have to yield to scalpers, or Fry’s/CompUSA/Gamestop bundle packs full of crap I didn’t want to buy, so piss off the whole lot of you, scalpers and scam artists. I hate the demand/shortage issue the Playstation 2 caused back in the day, and the whole “Bundle Pack” concept the retailers introduced for the Xbox 360. I remember the days of being able to walk into a store and picking up a new system no problem, or even being guaranteed a system on launch date if I reserved it…. Back when you actually could openly reserve a console. I couldn’t for Wii. “Limited supply”.

The Wii itself is great. I’ve been playing the Hell out of the new Zelda, and Wii Sports and Marvel Ultimate Alliance are really cool. The new Zelda is nothing short of magical, and I haven’t felt this enthusiastically good about a Zelda title since my beloved Ocarina of Time on the N64. It is a perfect launch title. Probably the best launch game since Super Mario 64.

As for the system itself, I love the quirky controller. It’s actually very responsive and makes the games more fun to play. I also love the Virtual Console. I’ve downloaded Altered Beast, Bonk’s Adventure and SimCity, and it’s just great. I just love the concept of being able to revisit some classics again. Super Metroid comes to mind.

Anyway, I am meeting friends for the turkey lunch, so be safe this holiday.

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