Since October 31, Final Fantasy XII has pretty much owned my world. This is a fairly common practice for Square-Enix games. Kingdom Hearts II did the same earlier this year, and now this little slice of greatness is just….

I was worried about the “new” combat system, but in all actuality, it provides the “wolf in sheep’s clothing” adage. It doesn’t look or even come across as the same turn-based combat, but it stays true to the series roots. It feels right, which is vitally important for an old-school fan. Not to mention that the graphics are beautiful with typical jaw-dropping cinematics, and the story pulls you in instantly. It already is proving to be in depth and interesting, and is more fantasy based than some of the more sci-fi outings. I still have a long way to go in the game, but the initial impression and first few hours of the game have the makings of something truly special. I’m also glad they chose to make Vaan (the lead protagonist) an interesting character instead of a whiny and sullen loner. Cloud pulled it off, but some of the series other heroes didn’t.

In other news, the new Playstation 3 commercial does not impress me. I want to know something about the system, not be left with a general feeling of “What the Hell?” I’m so tired of gaming commercials and print ads being too “cool” for their own good. I don’t necessarily want to be told why I should buy this new system, I want the games to speak for it. I want to see the games. Any game system is just a hunk of plastic, wires and computer chips. It’s the games that make it special. Show me the next Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts and impress me that way. Not some bad Pixar knock-off baby that says and does absolutely nothing. I already have a sour taste in my mouth over the $600 price tag and limited availability. The commercial did nothing to change my mind that I’d rather have a Wii come system launch times.

Also of note, there is a new gaming convention set to hit Los Angeles that will recreate the feeling of the original E3. I want video games to be in my face and instantly impress me. My first gut reaction to a game is usually the most vital reason as to why I’ll purchase any game. Months later, I still think the quaint, tea-party attitude with business suits showing off the games is a bad idea. Throughout my experience, people in game-related marketing and sales may be out there to promote the games, fill orders for retailers, and impress the consumer enough to buy the game, but they know absolutely nothing about the actual product past the bullet-point features on a sales sheet. They know how to sell a product, but most don’t know how to play games, if they’ve ever picked up a controller at all.

Hardcore gamers can sense bullshit, and will want to know what is going to be worthy of their $20-70. Awesome graphics? Online play? A sequel/expansion to their favorite game series? Nostalgia? A crazy new gimmick that actually works into the gameplay?

The thing about the old E3, I could look past the booth babes and the free toys and see the game for what it was. But it certainly made my walk from booth to booth that much more interesting, and I even discovered a few gems over the years because some booth was so outlandish that it caught my attention.

Ah, well. Back to FFXII….

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