I know. I’ve posted very little lately. On the plus side, I have been gaming a lot, so hopefully, that will excuse some of my absence. It was also my birthday two weeks ago, and I’m getting ready to be Best Man in my friend Steve’s wedding in Vegas. And dealing with the crack-like addiction of Flavor of Love 2 (everyone has a hobby). So it’s been a little hectic of late.

The next generation of systems is just around the corner. I’ve been waiting for the Wii, but Gamestop is being hyper strict in my area about the number of reserves. As in, less than 2 dozen a store everywhere I checked. I wasn’t available to wait that morning, so I’ll have to take my chances come November.

Such is life, but I don’t care for the low minimum of reservable systems.

Gaming-wise, October is a mess of games. I recently picked up Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime for the DS, and it’s pretty entertaining. It’s a little bit like the 16-bit Zelda, with a lot of item collecting and tank battles. *shrug* It works for me, and it’s been great to while away the hours. Through friends, I’ve been introduced to Guitar Heroes and LocoRoco, both impressive and (fiendishly addictive) games in their right. No other game like Guitar Heroes can make you feel like a living room rock god. And I’ve also been looking at Star Trek: Encounters for the Playstation 2, which retails for a whopping $15. For what it is, and especially the price, it’s not a bad game at all. On the other hand, I’m still more interested in the DS version. Touch screen CONNS… well, it sounds *ahem* fascinating. I am eagerly antincipating Phantasy Star Universe and Final Fantasy XII. In short, finding good games to play this Fall/Winter season is not going to be a difficult task to accomplish.

While I have been away from the site, I have been thinking about several topics for discussion. I’ll bounce a few of them off here, so I can remember what to cover:

  • Are games truly considered art?
  • Has 3D “sandbox gaming” hit a lull with too many clones?
  • Why I’m finding more interest in portable gaming versus console gaming.
  • The potential of downloadable “virtual” consoles.
  • More notable “recommended” titles.
  • The potential of Wii interactivity.

The problem right now is that there are too many good games coming out. Great for new things to play, but the current systems are still putting out winners, and then with the PS3 and the Wii, it’s just more to add to the buffet. Even enthusiasts who could afford the utter glut of interesting titles to play right now is going to be hard-pressed to give them all equal play time. That could answer a lot of my portable interests right now. It’s easy to check out a game while waiting for dinner at a restaurant than just staying home in a hermit like state 24/7. At least with the approaching holidays and colder weather, the excuses to stay in front of the warm glow of the Playstation will be a little more enticing.

Oh yes, Imagine my surprise when I discovered that new UMD movies are still being made for the PSP. *shrug* Who knew?

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