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5 Favorite Games Part 3.

Finally, the continuation of this series.

1.) Tetris DS (Nintendo) – The problem with Tetris in general is that there are so many versions of this simple puzzler, that it’s hard to say which one is the best. After joing a group of friends in multi-player in a coffeeshop environment and whiling away the evening, I think this one is one of the strongest entries in the series. This also coupled with some entertaining new modes based off the touch screen feature of the DS, and my love for old Nintendo nostalgia…. Well, there you are. Tetris itself is gaming in its purest form (one of the “Top 3” in my opinion – the others I shall cover later). It’s what created the Game Boy empire, and absolutely anyone can play it. Over the years, designers have tried to “update” Tetris with, quite frankly, largely miserable results, but this version is done very well, even with all of the modes that allow for power-ups and gameplay tweaks. The beauty of this game that it never repeats itself, allowing for a new experience every time, and for this, combined with its simplicity and accessibility by anyone, Read the rest of this entry

Still Here, Still Gaming.

I know. I’ve posted very little lately. On the plus side, I have been gaming a lot, so hopefully, that will excuse some of my absence. It was also my birthday two weeks ago, and I’m getting ready to be Best Man in my friend Steve’s wedding in Vegas. And dealing with the crack-like addiction of Flavor of Love 2 (everyone has a hobby). So it’s been a little hectic of late.

The next generation of systems is just around the corner. I’ve been waiting for the Wii, but Gamestop is being hyper strict in my area about the number of reserves. As in, less than 2 dozen a store everywhere I checked. I wasn’t available to wait that morning, so I’ll have to take my chances come November.

Such is life, but I don’t care for the low minimum of reservable systems.

Gaming-wise, October is a mess of games. I recently picked up Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime for the DS, and it’s pretty entertaining. It’s a little bit like the 16-bit Zelda, with a lot of item collecting and tank battles. *shrug* It works for me, and it’s Read the rest of this entry

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