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New Gaming Nirvana.

This is going to destroy so many jobs….

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Also, of humor note….

Katamari Metroid Samus!!!

Ultimate Ghosts ‘N’ Goblins And Remakes.

In my life, the NES version original Ghosts ‘N’ Goblins has the dubious honor in my life of revealing to my parents that I knew profanity. Yes, after a good session of GnG, I would sound like something straight out of an episode of Deadwood. I toned somewhat down for the Genesis version of Ghouls “N’ Ghosts, and never got around to playing the third SNES title until the Capcom compilation hit Playstation 2 last year, but other than a cameo in Marvel Vs. Capcom, ol’ Arthur’s been quiet, and I’ve learned to swear at other games.

But after all these years, the original game can still pull the language out which will send my girlfriend into hiding.

Seriously, if it wasn’t the clunky jumps, it was being knocked off a cliff, or into those nigh-useless fireballs. You had a small window to get through areas, and if you didn’t take it, you were swarmed by enemies or missed your chance altogether. By all accounts, I shouldn’t like this game, but I keep crawling back to it like a wounded dog to its master. It’s kind of sick, when I think about it.

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