I’ve been horrible about updating, I know. I’ll get more into posting again soon, once the Summer months settle in (and me, for that matter).

San Diego’s Comic-Con has come and gone. It’s funny how something based primarily on comic books and popular art is becoming a mini version of E3. Then again, the mediums go hand in hand these days.

If you’ve been to E3, you don’t see a lot of “new” here. Sure, a few announcements (like early videos of Activision’s Spider-Man 3), and cleaner builds of games still yet to be released, but it’s a nice way for the general public to see what they usually could not.

Nintendo’s booth was particularily stand-out this outing, what with Charles Martinet (the voice of Mario) present, and a lot of movies and demos that could be downloaded to DS owners. I really like how the interface of the upcoming Star Trek game is turning out for the DS. Finally, a chance to press the buttons of a starship, and isn’t that what it’s all about?

A lot of the games I’ve already seen as of last May, so it wasn’t the initial “ooh, ahh” factor, but I still enjoyed it. There’s always something cool at Comic Con, and it’s wise to put a leash on the spending habits, lest they get away from you.

Sometimes, geek is good.

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